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Brighten things up with front yard landscaping

Make your house stand out on the street with a stunning front yard that attracts attention.

Brighten things up with front yard landscaping

Smart ideas for creating inviting entries

Is your home lacking curb appeal? Tired of looking at dying or outdated plants and shrubs? Water pooling or flowing towards the house? Be the talk of the neighbourhood with a front yard transformation that adds interest to your home.

At Danscape, we eliminate grading problems, build beautiful garden paths, tranquil water features and impressive flower beds with a pop of colour, to give your front yard a much needed facelift. Beautiful front yards increase your property value, and make your house the envy of your neighbours.

Our Process

Our expertise in front yard landscaping makes your home’s front entrance welcoming with a lasting curbside impression.

Step 1


Front yard design ideas start with you! We work out all of the details to get your project completed on time and on budget. We encourage clients to bring in their own ideas for their front yard.


Step 2


We want to hear from you! What would you love to see in your front yard? We figure out materials and use a 3D rendering to determine the scope and what we need to complete your project.


Step 3


We lay all the groundwork ahead of time by virtually walking through the job with our crew. We leave no stone unturned—literally. Walkways and driveways are just a few tasks we can undertake.


Step 4


Now the real fun begins! With the intricate details located on driveways and walkways, we have the expertise to handle any design. We use tried and true building practices to make your dreams come true.


Step 5

Final touches

We assess the final product to ensure every detail is up to our standards and yours. Anything that still needs to be finished is itemized and tackled to ensure complete satisfaction.

Final Touches

Step 6

Post-install check in

Even after a project is finished, we are still available to our customers. We come back for a post-install check in to make sure everything we built looks perfect in your front yard.

Post-install Check-In

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